Welcome Ingress Swag-hunters!

My Name is Janina and I’m an enthusiastic Ingress player and Resistance Agent.
I craft Ingress swag since I fell in love with this game.
If you are interested in my Ingress beginnings, I had an interview with the G+ site “Ingress Resistance Deutschland”  (only in german).

All my 3D products are handcraftet by myself and printed with my Zortrax M200 3D Printer. I gained a lot of experience since I started 3D printing.

Making of video

How long does a print needs usually?

A single LED Capsule needs 7 hours to print, a Key Locker 11 hours and a tiny keychain Capsule about 30 minutes.

What happens to the finished prints?

When a new print is done, I clean it with tweezers, cutters and sometimes with acetone.

3D printing is an expensive hobby and needs a lot of experience, patience and spare parts. During the last year I had nearly every possible issue with my printer a couple of times and learned how to fix them by myself.

I’m a self-employed 3D/ CG Designer and studied Bachelor of Arts in 2014, that’s why I love to create new Ingress designs and produce swag, it’s amazing to get so much feedback.

If you have a special idea to print, contact me (store@littlewaterstudio.com). I love to create new swag for you!